About Us

Gill Hadfield Polish & Pamper Ashton

Gillian Hadfield HNC, Cert Ed

Gill Hadfield our senior therapist started out in the beauty industry in 2003 after gaining her level 3 qualifications in Beauty and Holistic Therapy, she then went on to gain vast experience by working in differing salons in Wythenshawe and Ashton-under-Lyne until 2008 before also carrying on with her studies and successfully gaining a HNC qualification in Sports Therapy from Tameside College and then in 2009 she also began her Cert Ed Teaching Training Qualification, graduating from Huddersfield University in 2011.

Gill founded Polish & Pamper in 2008 which was initially based above Flicks Hair Salon, before moving premises firstly to Henrietta Street in 2010 and then to Canterbury Street, Ashton-under-Lyne in March 2020.

Gill is a renowned therapist who is popular with her clients/patients as she has a true passion for the profession and sincerely strives to contribute to the community, whether that be assisting each person with their personal beauty or physical needs or helping to teach the students that come to her on placement during their training courses and passing on to them the experience she has gained within both the Health and Beauty industries.

The bond between a beauty therapist and their client’s is special; there is a lot of trust involved, so it’s important that the beauty therapist have the social skills to put their client at ease from the moment the session begins to the moment it ends. Beauty therapy isn’t just about making the client look fabulous on the outside, it’s about making them feel good on the inside too and having the ability to listen without making a judgement on the situation being discussed. Letting them know we are here to listen whenever needed.